Wizz Air announces the cancellation of several flights from / to Great Britain

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Heavy snow and adverse weather conditions (freezing fog) were experienced in the UK on 11 December, resulting in major disruptions to ground public transport as well as all airlines flying to and from the UK .

Disruption of local public ground transportation prevented airport personnel (e.g. security screening agents, ground handling agents, aircraft de-icing personnel) from getting to work, while more than 10 centimeters of snow fell have built up on runways and other parts of airports, preventing airlines from taking off or landing at several UK airports.

Wizz Air has also been affected by these unexpected circumstances and has unfortunately had to cancel or significantly delay some of its flights to and from London Luton and London Gatwick airports.

Wizz Air teams are continuously working to restore normal operations, but at this stage there are a number of factors beyond the airline's control. Wizz Air has informed its passengers who booked tickets directly via wizzair.com or via its mobile app about the current situation and the options to book another flight, while passengers who booked tickets through a third party would should contact those companies for additional information.

The airline is continuously working with its local partners to provide hotel accommodation for stranded passengers, but Wizz Air warns that with tens of thousands of passengers stranded at multiple UK airports, finding suitable accommodation may take longer than expected.

Wizz Air is working to return operations to normal as soon as possible and thanks its passengers for their understanding and support during these difficult times.

The following flights to and from Romania are affected:

  • W6 NO from London Luton to Timisoara from 11.12.2022 – postponed to 12.12.2022
  • W6 NO from London Luton to Cluj-Napoca from 11.12.2022 – postponed to 12.12.2022
  • W6 3907 from Bacău to Rome Fiumicino from 11.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3908 from Rome Fiumicino to Bacău from 11.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3031 from Bucharest to London Gatwick from 11.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3006 from London Luton to Bucharest from 11.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3032 from London Gatwick to Bucharest 11.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3761 from Craiova to Bologna from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3762 from Bologna to Craiova from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3545 from Timisoara to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3546 from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden to Timisoara from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3381 from Cluj-Napoca to Milan Bergamo from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3382 from Milan Bergamo to Cluj-Napoca from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3606 from London Luton to Suceava from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3605 from Suceava to London Luton from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3931 from Bacău to Brussels Charleroi from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3932 from Brussels Charleroi to Bacău from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3763 from Craiova to Madrid from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3764 from Madrid to Craiova from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 NO from London Luton to Craiova from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3521 from Timisoara to Paris Beauvais from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
  • W6 3522 from Paris Beauvais to Timisoara from 12.12.2022 – cancelled
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