Wizz Air announces an increase in health and safety measures starting May 1

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Wizz Air announced today that from May 1 introduces additional hygiene measures to ensure the health and well-being of customers and crews.

Wizz Air implements new protocols - in accordance with official regulations - to ensure the health of passengers and crew and to support physical distance during boarding and increased cleanliness on board.

As part of measures to protect the health of customers and crew, passengers should to check in and make any online service purchases, such as paying for extra luggage, to reduce non-essential interaction at the airport.

Wizz Air announces increased health and safety measures

Utilizarea autonomous luggage delivery points - where available - and quick security check at airports are strongly recommended by the airline to further increase the physical distance in the pre-boarding stage. In an attempt to limit the spread of possible infections, passengers are asked to adopt the new rules of physical distance during both embarkation and disembarkation.

Although HEPA filters of all Wizz Air aircraft filters 99,7% of viruses and bacteria from cabin air, the crew as well as the passengers will be required to wear masks throughout the flight.

The cabin crew will distribute sanitation napkins for each passenger, while removal of magazines from the board and encouragement payment by contactless means while shopping on board are measures introduced to minimize physical contact. On flights where the degree of loading allows, the crew will monitor the spacing of seats between passengers.

Wizz Air will continue its strict daily cleaning program for the entire fleet in operation

Wizz Air will continue its strict daily cleaning schedule for the entire fleet in operation, all aircraft being disinfected overnight, in accordance with official instructions. To summarize the new protocol, Wizz Air has released an explanatory video on the main measures introduced.

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air commented: "The health and well-being of the passengers and crew has always been of the utmost importance to Wizz Air. As we receive more and more passengers on our flights and expand our operations, the protection measures we implement will ensure the best possible sanitary conditions.

We encourage customers to watch our new video for more details on the new safety and health measures. We believe that Wizz Air's new health protocol will help passengers feel more at ease when traveling with us, while we continue to meet the needs of our customers, now with improved hygiene. "

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