Wizz Air announces base in Lviv (Lviv) and 7 new routes from Ukraine starting July 1, 2020

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Wizz Air, a major low-cost carrier in Ukraine, has announced a new base in Lviv. It will open on July 1, 2020, being the second and newest WIZZ base in Ukraine.

Wizz Air will base an Airbus A320 on Danylo Halytskyi International Airport. With the establishment of the new base in Lviv, Wizz Air will open 5 new routes with flights to Billund in Denmark, Tallinn in Estonia, Lisbon in Portugal, Hamburg in Germany and Szczecin in Poland.

Wizz Air announces base in Lviv (Lviv)

And also from July 1, 2020, Wizz Air will inaugurate the routes Kharkiv - Tallinn and Kharkiv - Berlin. Passengers wishing to travel can already book tickets from 429 UAH / 14,99 EUR / segment on wizzair.com or through the mobile application WIZZ.

Offering new connections from Lviv and Kharkiv, Wizz Air offers Ukrainians new opportunities to travel to five different countries. Thus, the largest low-cost carrier in Eastern Europe connects Ukraine with the rest of Europe, contributing to the development of local communities and the economy and stimulating the local job market in the aviation and tourism sectors.

RutaOperating daysStatusTariff*
Lviv - BillundWednesday, SundayJuly 1 2020EUR 19.99 / UAH 579
Lviv - LisbonWednesday, SundayJuly 1 2020EUR 39.99 / UAH 1149
Lviv - TallinnTuesday, Thursday, SaturdayJuly 2 2020EUR 19.99 / UAH 579
Lviv - HamburgMonday FridayJuly 3 2020EUR 24.99 / UAH 719
Lviv - SzczecinMonday FridayJuly 3 2020EUR 14.99 / UAH 429
Kharkiv - TallinnTuesday, Thursday, SaturdayJuly 2 2020EUR 24.99 / UAH 719
Kharkiv - Berlin SchönefeldMonday FridayJuly 3 2020EUR 34.99 / UAH 1009

As the safety of passengers and crew has always been a top priority for Wizz Air, the airline recently announced several additional measures to support physical distancing during boarding and increased cleanliness on board.

Wizz Air requires passengers to do all online operations where possible, including online check-in, baggage waiver, and opt for contactless card payments while shopping on board. Wearing masks on board is mandatory for crew and passengers.

The aircraft is thoroughly cleaned several times a day and disinfected overnight. Wizz Air is also launching a special information campaign in the context of COVID-19 and to provide useful tips for a safe journey. To summarize the new protocol, Wizz Air has released an explanatory video on the main measures introduced.

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