fbpx Wizz Air: based in Sibiu / Nurmberg, Munich, Milan and Madrid

Wizz Air announces new routes to Sibiu and 4: Nuremberg, Munich, Milan and Madrid

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At conferences, which took place simultaneously in Sibiu and Bucharest, Wizz Air announced the 7-based in Romania, in Sibiu. Starting with 19 August 2016, an Airbus A320 aircraft will be allocated and 36 will be hired by people. The investment amounts to EUR 100 million.

Wizz Air - Sibiu

At the same time, Wizz Air also validated the 4 new routes for which it tendered, having as destinations: Nuremberg (from 19 August), Munich Memmingen (from 21 August), Milan Bergamo (from 20 August) and Madrid (from 20 August).

Wizz Air Base in Sibiu

baza Wizz Air la Sibiu

According to the schedule, the 4 routes will be operated as follows:

Sibiu - Nuremberg, rates from 99 lei / segment
W6 3767 Sibiu (SBZ) 12:50 - 13:50 Nuremberg (NUE) Monday, Wednesday, Friday
W6 3768 Nuremberg (NUE) 14:20 - 17:15 Sibiu (SBZ) Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Sibiu - Munich Memmingen, rates from 99 lei / segment
W6 3781 Sibiu (SBZ) 08:10 - 09:15 Memmingen (Munchen Vest) (FMM) Thursday, Sunday
W6 3782 Memmingen (Munchen Vest) (FMM) 14:20 - 17:15 Sibiu (SBZ) Thursday, Sunday

Sibiu - Milan Bergamo, rates from 69 lei / segment
W6 3779 Sibiu (SBZ) 06:10 - 07:15 Milano Bergamo (BGY) Tuesday and Saturday
W6 3780 Milano Bergamo (BGY) 12:05 - 15:00 Sibiu (SBZ) Tuesday and Saturday

Sibiu - Madrid, rates from 129 lei / segment
W6 3777 Sibiu (SBZ) 15:45 - 18:40 Madrid (MAD) Tuesday and Saturday
W6 3778 Madrid (MAD) 19:15 - 23:55 Sibiu (SBZ) on Tuesday and Saturday

In addition to the new routes, Wizz Air will increase the frequency to 5 weekly flights on the route Sibiu - London. The new timetable (from August 19) Sibiu - London will be:

W6 3771 Sibiu (SBZ) 18: 00-19: 15 London Luton Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday (LTN)
W6 3772 London Luton (LTN) 20:00 - 00:55 Sibiu (SBZ) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Also from Sibiu, Wizz Air already operates flights on the route Sibiu - Dortmund, and the new schedule (from August 19) will look like this:

W6 3773 Sibiu (SBZ) 07:15 - 08:40 Dortmund (DTM) Monday, Wednesday, Friday
W6 3774 Dortmund (DTM) 09:05 - 12:20 Sibiu (SBZ) Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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