Wizz Air base in Rome Fiumicino: 4 planes and 32 new routes

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Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, has announced the opening of its 43rd base in Rome, along with the highest number of routes ever announced at the same time. The airline will allocate 4 Airbus 321neo aircraft to Rome-Fiumicino airport in July 2021.

Cele 32 new routes by 19 countries Today's announcement will supplement those 25 routes already operated from Rome-Fiumicino and Rome-Ciampino. Places for new routes can already be booked on wizzair.com and through mobile application, starting at 19.99 EUR *.

Establishment of the newest Wizz Air base, the 43rd base in Rome-Fiumicino, which comes after the opening of four other bases (Milan Malpensa, Catania, Palermo and Bari) of the airline in Italy only in the last year, supports the commitment of Wizz Air to Italy. Not only will the operation of this new base in Rome increase economic development in the region, but it will also create over 100 new direct jobs within the airline and over 1,500 jobs in associated industries.

4 Wizz Air planes and 32 new routes.

The 4 Airbus A321neo aircraft will support the operations of a 32 new routes to London Luton, Liverpool, Eindhoven, Sofia, Tel Aviv, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Zakynthos, Heraklion, Larnaca, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada, Alexandria, Kharkiv, Pristina, Antalya , Bodrum, Keflavik, Târgu Mureș, Constanța, Satu Mare, Dubrovnik, Split, Faro, Nice, Prague, Tallinn, a total of 57 destinations in Rome in 2021. Today's announcement will double the number of Wizz Air seats for sale in Rome, which will reach approximately 4 million seats a year.

Rome's extensive Wizz Air network will support local tourism, attract more capital to the region and will connect Rome with new enchanting destinations, now untapped, as well Liverpool, Keflavik, Hurghada, Alexandria, Tallinn, Pristina, Târgu Mureș, Satu Mare, Constanța, Faro, Fuerteventura, Antalya and Bodrum.

ROME FIUMICINO - LONDON LUTONMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, SundayNO EUR / NO GBPJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO –LIVERPOOLTuesday, Thursday, SaturdayNO EUR / NO GBPJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - EINDHOVENMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays24.99 EURJuly 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - SOFIAMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, SundaysNO EUR / NO BGNJuly 16 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - TEL AVIVMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays29.99 EUR / 119 ILSJuly 16 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - CASABLANCAMonday Friday34.99 EURJuly 16 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - MARRAKESHTuesday, Saturday34.99 EURNovember 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - MYKONOSTuesday, Thursday, Saturday24.99 EURJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - SANTORINITuesday, Thursday, Saturday24.99 EURJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - CORFUMonday Friday24.99 EURJuly 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - ZAKHINTOSTuesday, Thursday, Saturday24.99 EURJuly 15 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - HERAKLIONMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays24.99 EURJuly 16 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - LARNACATuesday, Thursday, Saturday24.99 EURJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - FUERTEVENTURAThursday, Sunday39.99 EURJuly 15 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - TENERIFETuesday, Saturday39.99 EURJuly 3 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - SHARM EL SHEIKHTuesday, Saturday39.99 EUR / 48.99 USDJuly 15 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - HURGHADATuesday, Saturday39.99 EUR / 48.99 USDJuly 17 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - ALEXANDRIAThursday, Sunday39.99 EUR / 48.99 USDJuly 17 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - KHARKIVWednesday, Sunday24.99 EUR / 859 UAHJuly 18 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - PRISTINAWednesday, Sunday29.99 EURJuly 18 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - ANTALYAThursday, Sunday34.99 EURJuly 15 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - BODRUMWednesday, Sunday34.99 EURJuly 18 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - KEFLAVÍKMonday Friday39.99 EURJuly 16 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - TÂRGU MUREȘTuesday, Thursday, Saturday24.99 EUR / 119 RONJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - CONSTANȚAMonday Friday24.99 EUR / 119 RONJuly 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - SATU MARETuesday, Saturday24.99 EUR / 119 RONJuly 17 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - DUBROVNIKTuesday, Thursday, Saturday24.99 EUR / 189 HRKJuly 1 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - SPLITMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays24.99 EUR / 189 HRKJuly 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - LIGHTHOUSEWednesday, Sunday29.99 EURJuly 4 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - NICEMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays24.99 EURJuly 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - PRAGUEMondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, SundaysNO EUR / NO CZKJuly 2 2021
ROME FIUMICINO - TALLINNMonday Friday19.99 EURJuly 2 2021

With today's announcement, Wizz Air launches the Italian Wizz Air Discount Club program. The 12 months as a member offers passengers a guaranteed discount on the ticket price for all local Italian Wizz Air flights of over € 14.99, as well as a € 2 discount for WIZZ Priority (subject to availability). The local Wizz Air Discount Club subscription starts at just € 19.99 per year.

By adding the service WIZZ Flex Upon booking, passengers can be sure that if circumstances change or they simply want to travel on a different date, they can book any Wizz Air flight they want again. Providing that additional security measure for reservations made by passengers is a relief in this uncertain period.

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