Wizz Air specifications on routes removed from the 2018-2019 winter schedule

After presenting you these days the Wizz Air routes removed from the 2018-2019 winter schedule, the officials come with details.

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First of all, we would like to mention that Wizz Air is still working during the 2019 summer hours. Thus, some routes removed from the 2018-2019 winter schedule may occur during the 2019 summer season. These days I have announced that Wizz Air abandons the internal route Bucharest - Cluj, but also on several international routes.

Wizz Air officials put these changes in the operating schedule for financial performance. Some routes are seasonal, others are eliminated altogether. It is a normal practice in the aviation industry. The flight frequencies vary depending on the season and the performance of the routes. Wizz Air constantly monitors the performance of its routes to enable the most popular services to have the lowest prices possible.

Wizz Air routes eliminated in winter season 2018:
Bucharest - Lisbon / Bucharest - Kutaisi
Bucharest - Gothenburg
Bucharest - Athens / Cluj Napoca - Athens

They may be found next year in the reservation system, in the summer season 2019. It remains to be seen whether flights will resume after 31 March 2019 or much later.

Other Wizz Air routes that have disappeared from the 2018-2019 winter schedule: Cluj - Budapest (from 17 September); Cluj - Malaga (from 27 October to 2018); Cluj - Alincate (from 25 October to 2018) and Cluj - Palma de Mallorca (from 28 October to 2018). Some routes will be reintroduced in the summer season, others will be suspended without further information.

Suspended Wizz Air routes:
Cluj Napoca - Bucharest, the last flight on October 26
Budapest - Otopeni, the last flight on October 26
Iasi - Malmö, the last flight on October 27

These routes are suspended without the prospect of a future. Maybe in a while, Wizz Air will revert to this decision and reintroduce them to operational service. It remains to be seen how the market will evolve!

Other details made by Wizz Air representatives: The additional capacity will be allocated to other routes in the next period, as we always evaluate new opportunities that can best meet the needs of our customers.

Passengers with reservations affected by this change are informed and are offered the possibility of free reprogramming on alternative WIZZ flights, full refund of the ticket paid or 120% credit from the original reservation in the WIZZ account. ”

Another proof that the information presented by AirlinesTravel.ro is "good" and verified :).

  1. Kenji says

    Europe's big airline boasts new routes launches, but I can't keep a bump in the internal route like Cluj-Bucharest.

  2. Kenji says

    PS: According http://www.wizzair.com the following races sepot reserve:
    Cluj-Athens, Bucharest Athens
    Cluj Alicante
    Cluj Malaga
    Cluj Palma de Mallorca.
    Starting from the summer program. It remains to be seen if Bucharest Cluj starts

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