Wizz Air digitizes the cockpit and launches Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

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Wizz Air has announced the launch of the new Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) system, a technical solution that will replace all printed manuals and documents with iPads for pilots. The new system improves efficiency in all aspects of flight planning. It complements the airline's broader commitment to sustainability by significantly reducing the paper used and fuel consumption.

Part of the new EFB system, any Wizz Air pilot will receive an iPad. The devices will be equipped with relevant documents, graphics applications and performance monitoring necessary to prepare a flight. They provide real-time information and reviews for flight information throughout the trip.

The new EFB system will have a positive impact on the environment.

The move to the new EFB system will also have a positive impact on Wizz Air's broader commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, in line with its mission to halve carbon emissions. Not only will the new system save about six million sheets of paper a year, the equivalent of saving more than six hundred trees, but it will also reduce fuel consumption due to more precise flight planning and weight reduction.

The availability of recalculated flight plans before each flight and the optimization - during the flight - will save over 4.500 tons of fuel per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over 14.000 tons. This weight is carried in 180.000 passengers of 80 kilograms each, which is equivalent to the weight of 750 full A321neo aircraft, with 239 seats.

Wizz Air will provide digital training to the pilot community to ensure a smooth transition to the new system. The target date for launching and withdrawing paperwork is the end of this year.

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