Wizz Air wants Airbus A321 aircraft

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As I announced on social media a few days ago, Wizz Air a  announced that it will convert 26 from A320 aircraft to Airbus A321 aircraft, from an order involving 70 aircraft. The company currently has a fleet of 45 Airbus A320 aircraft and will partially convert the order to cover the permanent expansion of the destination network.


Airbus A321 is the largest aircraft in the range A320, having greater autonomy compared to A320. With the same wingspan as the A320, it is 7m longer and can carry additional 40 passengers, thus allowing demand coverage on the most popular Wizz Air routes.

Recently, Wizz Air announced new routes on longer flight sectors to countries such as Israel, Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates and Russia. These larger capacity aircraft will be used for some of these new routes.

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