Wizz Air is undergoing a new cabin baggage policy

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Wizz Air announced today that with 1 August 2012, it will begin testing a new cabin baggage policy to increase punctuality performance and to improve the passenger experience during boarding procedures. The test will be launched from next month on all flights from London Luton to Katowice (and return) and responds to a growing problem for short flights, namely that limited space on board aircraft reduces comfort during boarding, when too much hand luggage is brought into the cabin.

Luggage is frequently unloaded by crew members, often causing delays. To improve punctuality performance and to reduce discomfort of passengers, especially those traveling with children or the elderly, passengers are suggested to have smaller luggage.

Starting with 9 in July, passengers who will book seats on the test route and travel after 1 in August, may have small cabin baggage or pay 10 euros to carry large luggage. Those who will choose to pay for large cabin luggage will benefit from priority boarding (after the priority passengers, for example mothers with children) to guarantee space in the storage compartments.

Optional hold luggage continues to be available to all passengers. Goods purchased at the airport (an important source of income for 78 Wizz Air partners) will continue to be allowed in the cabin for free. Wizz Air believes that this test will reduce congestion during boarding, improve punctuality performance, and result in a much better travel experience. The test period is scheduled to end at the end of August. However, if the results are not conclusive, this period may be extended. If the test period proves successful the cabin baggage policy will be extended throughout the Wizz Air network.

Type of hand luggage Size Maximum weight Examples Toll
Small cabin luggage Up to 42x32x25cm 10kg Handbag, backpack, laptop bag (must be under the front seat) FREE OF CHARGE
Large cabin luggage Larger than the small cabin luggage, up to 55x40x20cm 10kg Troller

10 € (Online)

In Romania it will not catch on because the Romanian is looking for the best and cheapest offers. Plus, hand luggage is standard up to 55x40x20cm and is free of charge for all low-cost and full-service line companies. I look forward to the result of this test!

  1. Monica says

    One thing the Wizzairau monopolists didn't forget about many routes, so they didn't care about the competition. I do not understand how they will avoid delays if most of the passengers will give 10 euros for the difference in luggage.

  2. Sorin says

    Monica, I guess that money will be charged when buying the ticket online, if the experiment will materialize!

    Like when you declare that you have luggage for the hold and pay all taxes when buying the ticket! :)

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