Wizz Air has announced the new brand ambassador for Romania

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Wizz Air announced new brand ambassadors for Romania. The program "WIZZ Ambassadors”Recognizes the services provided on board by the flight crew. Over 23.3340 passengers and users from Romania voted and decided the crew members who will become ambassadors, recognized both for the services offered to Wizz Air passengers and for the Romanian hospitality.

From the 15 Romanian finalists, the winners are Andreea Denis Filip (23 years old) from Bucharest and Alice Valeria Ciucur (24 years old) from Ploiesti. Both Andreea and Alice will represent Wizz Air and Romanian hospitality in 14 countries connected by Romania through Wizz Air affordable rates.

WIZZ ambassadors will be available to work with the media, schools and other entities to publicize their work to the widest possible audience, while retaining their usual duties as crew members.

"I am proud to represent my work and hospitality as WIZZ Ambassadors. I love my job and I would like to pass on this passion to other people who have thought about joining the aviation industry and I want to inspire those around me to learn as much as possible about our daily lives ",

said Andreea Denis Filip.

“I still cannot believe that I was chosen by our passengers to be the new WIZZ Ambassador in Romania. I am constantly trying to offer the best services and I am very proud of the work done for a company that runs programs that promote my profession. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and I hope to meet you soon on one of the Wizz Air flights ”

, said Alice Valeria Ciucur.

I'm glad to see that the girls we voted for came out the winners. Congratulations!

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