Wizz Air will give up the routes Bucharest - Lisbon and Bucharest - Kutaisi

In about 2 months, the aviation will move to the winter season 2018-2019. As is natural in this area, airlines are starting to upload and update their flight schedule for this season. Below are some notable changes made by Wizz Air.

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Wizz Air has uploaded the 2018-2019 winter schedule, which brings many notable changes to the calendar. On September 4, following a verification by Cristian, I found that the Bucharest - Cluj route will no longer be operated by Wizz Air after 26 October. The information was confirmed by Wizz Air officials.

In addition to this route, Wizz Air also gave up Bucharest - Lisbon (from October 28) and Bucharest - Kutaisi (from October 28). The reasons are easy to understand. Lack of profitability on some routes leads to schedule changes or their removal from the system.

Wizz Air is a low cost, privately owned company that will only fly on profitable terms. I don't think there is anyone in this world to run a business and always work on losses. So do Ryanair, Blue Air, easyJet and many other low-cost or full-service airlines.

Wizz gives up Bucharest - Lisbon

For passengers it can be a minus. One less competitor on a route can mean price increases on these flights. On the route Bucharest - Lisbon, TAP Air Portugal and Blue Air also operate. It is possible that after October 27, the date of the last Wizz Air flight on the route Bucharest - Lisbon, we will see slight tariff increases for the 2 companies remaining on the route.

We remind you that Wizz opened the route Bucharest - Lisbon on May 22, 2016. It currently operates only 2 flights a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Blue Air flies 3 times a week until October 27, and will reduce the number of flights to 2 a week from the winter season. TAP Air Portugal has daily flights and remains the main airline if you are traveling to Portugal or to other destinations in North America, South America via Lisbon.

Wizz Air gives up Bucharest - Kutaisi

Related to the route Bucharest - Kutaisi, it was inaugurated on July 3, 2018. In just 2 months, Wizz Air decided to remove it from the system. There are no other operators on this route, but to Georgia we will have flights with TAROM on the route Bucharest - Tbilisi, as far as this route goes, if it will go.

After the wave of new routes, which were announced and launched in the last 2 years, the Romanian market has reached maturity. Airlines already know what routes are going and which are not. I'm starting to make adjustments for profitability. It is not excluded to see other routes removed from the Wizz Air system or timetables modified according to logistical availability. And it is not excluded to see new routes. Anything is possible in a dynamic market such as the aviation industry.

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