Wizz Air has hired over 1000 flight attendants and over 400 pilots in the first five months of 2022

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Wizz Air is pleased to announce that has employed over 1000 flight attendants and 400 pilots in the first five months of 2022, being at the forefront of the return of the aviation sector. In order to achieve the goal of having a team of 20000 colleagues by 2030, WIZZ is constantly recruiting in its network to attract top talent who have chosen to have a tall, always sunny office.

WIZZ is proud to have a strong culture of diversity and colleagues from 60 nationalities and continues to recruit non-stop throughout Europe and beyond, for 2022 and beyond.

Wizz Air accepts enrollment from experienced cabin crew members as well as inexperienced. The airline will offer free training to all selected candidates, lasting between four and six weeks, depending on their experience, and the new recruits will be remunerated with an indemnity for the entire training period.

Being a company dedicated to providing high quality services, in addition to a friendly and customer-oriented personality, the basic requirements of Wizz Air for recruits are: the age of 18, the ability to reach a height of 210 centimeters by lifting toes, high school education, a good level of written and spoken English and, preferably, another EEC language, the ability to swim , without visible tattoos on parts of the body that cannot be covered by the uniform and the lack of a criminal record. You can consult the complete requirements here.

After successfully participating in one of the airline recruitment days, candidates are offered a job at the airline and do not have to wait weeks or months and go through a long recruitment process. Candidates can be in the clouds in just 8 weeks (including training and exams) after being offered a job at WIZZ.

WIZZ cabin crew members enjoy a competitive salary, a convenient monthly schedule and a variety of professional development opportunities, such as becoming trainers, specialists in Customer Experience, to join the program "From Cabin Crew to Captain" of the airline and follow their dreams, including in the cockpit.

Wizz Air's cabin crew can also take advantage of flight discounts and plane ticket bonuses for family and friends, so that they can travel the world and gather unforgettable memories.

Wizz Air recruits both skilled and inexperienced pilots, co-pilots and cadets through the airline's pilot recruitment site. Like cockpit career development opportunities, pilots also have the option to advance rapidly in their careers, from cadet to co-pilot and then in the left seat of the pilot.

Many other positions for the flight crew are available for pilots who want to excel in their roles. In addition to the many benefits of the company, pilots can opt for a training period sponsored by the company, during which time the training allowance is paid to all newcomers during the training process. For more information, click here.

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