Wizz Air has updated the interactive trip planning map

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Update July 8, 2021: Wizz Air announces that it has updated the interactive map for travel planning. The airline is committed to ensuring a process that is as accessible as possible for flights and to building confidence in travel, as more and more European countries relax their restrictions. Passengers can already access the map and check the conditions for the desired holiday destination.

Launched this week, the latest version of the map is updated daily automatically, providing the best possible accuracy when it comes to anticipating the restrictions imposed by each country and the next steps to be taken. The list using intuitive icons shows the status of the restrictions for all available WIZZ routes

The Initial News: Wizz Air launched today Interactive travel planning map. It is a new and constantly updated search tool, designed to help passengers determine which destinations on the WIZZ network they can fly to when searching. At the same time, it informs them about the travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

During this uncertain period due to the new coronavirus pandemic, passengers can rely on "Wizz Air trip planning map”To check the relevant operating routes and travel rules using a color-coded system.

Interactive trip planning map

To use the map, passengers only have to select the desired departure airport and then choose any of the available destinations in the WIZZ network.

Countries and airports are color-coded according to restrictions - green means that there are no restrictions on entering the country by air; yellow means that there are partial restrictions (test / quarantine / isolation) to enter the country by air; Red means that there is a total or partial ban on entering the country by air.

For more information on travel regulations, passengers can select specific routes that will direct them to a country-specific travel information page. This includes relevant links to government websites, useful travel pages and any mandatory forms that must be completed before departure.

The trip planning map is updated daily at 18:00 CET, but Wizz Air recommends that passengers check their boarding conditions as well as possible before departure, as they may be subject to daily changes.

At the same time, Wizz Air always encourages its passengers to buy WIZZ Flex to get rid of worries. By adding WIZZ Flex to a booking, passengers can be sure that if circumstances change, or they simply want to travel on a different date or to another destination, they can change the booking for any WIZZ flight of their choice.

The Wizz Air map confirms this destinations to which we can travel without restrictions, obviously with Wizz Air flights. At the same time, it confirms us list of European countries with restrictions for Romania (total or partial).

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