Wizz Air introduces checked baggage insurance!

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In the context in which the number of passengers increases, the number of flights also increases automatically. But, problems inevitably arise such as delayed flights, canceled flights and even problems with luggage. Even the best-laid travel plans can sometimes encounter obstacles, and Wizz Air provides you with insurance for delayed luggage!

Protect your luggage against delays of more than 96 hours for just €2,5 per person per sector, so you can have peace of mind wherever you travel.

With only 2.5 EURO, you can benefit from the following advantages:

Baggage tracking – one service for all your checked baggage! Enjoy real-time updates via email or WhatsApp on delayed checked bags.

Simple payments: If your luggage is still missing after 96 hours, you will receive a compensation of €300! If two or more bags were not found, this amount will reach 600 EUR.

No evidence is required: We totally get you – who can remember every little thing in their luggage? You won't have to worry about finding receipts or itemizing goods to receive compensation.

Are you ready to embark on a carefree journey? On your next flight, you can secure your checked baggage with the new Wizz Air service: Delayed Baggage Protection!

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