Wizz Air invites bloggers to the WIZZ Challenge

Wizz Air invites bloggers to the WIZZ Challenge

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Wizz Air invites all bloggers to become travel writers and travelers. By participating in the WIZZ Challenge, they will be able to confirm that a trip to Europe does not have to be expensive. The company invites all creative bloggers specialized in different fields such as lifestyle, gastronomy, fashion, hi-tech, art & design, etc. Enter the WIZZ Challenge to experience a new destination and enjoy an 72 hour journey.

WIZZ Challenge

The main objective of the challenge is to demonstrate that a trip to Europe can be accessible. Lucky WIZZ Challenge participants will receive a free ticket and an 300 EUR budget to complete their own 72 hour adventure. Bloggers can apply to this link on.fb.me/WIZZChallenge, and the selection will be made by an internal jury, based on popularity, the creative concept of the blog and the quality of the photos and text.

Daniel de Carvalho of Wizz Air said:

"We are very pleased to announce the WIZZ Challenge. This demonstrates our commitment to social media and will, hopefully, please the fan community on the Facbook, many of whom are bloggers who will want to get involved in this project. At Wizz Air we do not think that to visit a new destination you need to save money and then spend a fortune. With affordable Wizz Air rates and smart choices, each city offers unlimited experiences, enthusiasm and pleasure even when the trip is on a limited budget. Selected bloggers will have the chance to visit a new country and a new city for three days, have a budget of 300 EUR and then tell us about their adventure. The WIZZ Challenge is about to start so if you have a blog and want to sign up this is your chance. ”

Success for everyone!

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