[Wizz Air offer] Flight tickets from 39 lei / segment for Milan, Brussels, Bologna

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In aviation, competition between airlines is doing well to the public. In theory, competition leads to an increase in the quality of services, and tariffs decrease. If we have any restraint on the quality of services, we certainly have no object to the tariff part.

Ever since Ryanair entered the Romanian market, we have noticed a considerable decrease in fares to destinations with greater competition, especially to destinations in Italy and Brussels, Belgium.

Wizz Air

Today, Ryanair announced 25% discount on air tickets for destinations in Italy and Athens, Greece, resulting in fares from 7.49 EURO / segment. Also today, I read to Caesar about Wizz Air offensive and tariffs from 39 lei / segment.



I did some simulations and the price of 39 lei / segment is confirmed for flights departing from Bucharest to destinations Milan (Bergamo and Malpensa), Brussels, Bologna. You can find this price in March and April.

Before you start packing, read about cabin luggage included in the ticket price at low cost companies.

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