Wizz Air pilots are testing the new Airbus A321neo aircraft

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Wizz Air and Airbus they presented together the new state-of-the-art aircraft A321neo (test version), at the Budapest airport. At the same time, Wizz Air pilots are among the first to take a test tour.

Wizz Air pilots are testing the Airbus A321neo

Since its first 2004 flight, Wizz Air has operated family-owned aircraft Airbus A320 and, in November 2015, the first A321ceo aircraft entered the WIZZ fleet. By introducing A321 aircraft into the fleet, Wizz Air was able to offer more seats to more destinations. At the same time, it has improved the travel experience of its passengers with new interior colors, a more pleasant ambiance in the cabin, comfortable leather seats and more cabin options.


30 of A321ceo will join the WIZZ fleet until 2018. In 2019, Wizz Air will receive the first Airbus A321neo aircraft from the 110 ordered at the Paris Air Show on 2015. Deliveries of A321neo will continue until the end of 2024.


Wizz Air, currently operating one of the youngest fleets in Europe, with 63 Airbus A320 and 10 A321ceo aircraft with an average age of 4, has always been committed to supporting efficient and environmentally friendly innovative technologies.

PHOTO / VIDEO: First Airbus A321ceo Wizz Air and the demonstration flight London - Birmingham

Incorporating the latest innovations, including improved ground and aerodynamic performance, new generation engines and wing sharklet devices, the A321neo aircraft delivers the lowest fuel consumption specific to its category, with over 15% fuel savings compared to aircraft with a single aisle today, as well as lower CO2 emissions and reduced noise levels.


As Wizz Air is one of Airbus' key partners, WIZZ pilots are the first to test A321neo. The team of WIZZ captains, including Zoltan Szabo, Chief Pilot at Wizz Air, will fly from Budapest to seven European destinations to test the handling characteristics of A321neo, the best in the class.

Photo by Budapest Airport

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