Wizz Air promotion: 50% discount on a series of flights. Wizz FLEX for 1 EURO.

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Wizz Air announced today discounts of up to 50% for selected flights. The promotion is valid on September 24, until 23:59, for all customers. Travel can take place at any time.

Reservations can be made on wizzair.com or through the WIZZ mobile app. At the same time, customers can opt for the option WIZZ Flex for only 1 EUR.

Below you have an example through which we validate the Wizz Air promotion. CAREFUL! The 50% discount applies to the ticket price WITHOUT administration fees.

Wizz Air promotion - 50% discount on airline tickets

Wizz Air recommends passengers to add WIZZ Flex when booking, as an additional protection measure. Thus, passengers can cancel their flight up to 3 hours before departure without any fee and can recover 100% of the fare initially paid immediately, in the form of credit, and can change the dates or even routes as many times as they want.

Wizz Air was one of the first airlines to introduce a series of improved hygiene measures, to ensure the health and safety of passengers and its crew. As part of these new protocols, throughout the flight, both cabin crew and passengers are required to wear masks, the cabin crew also having gloves. Wizz Air aircraft are regularly subjected to a high-performance nebulisation process with an antiviral solution and, as a result, WIZZ's strict daily cleaning programall the aircraft are disinfected overnight with the same antiviral solution. For all purchases on board it is recommended contactless payment.

Passengers are asked to follow physical distancing measures introduced by local health authorities and are encouraged make all pre-flight online purchases (for example: hold baggage, WIZZ Priority, etc.) to minimize any possible physical contact at the airport.

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