WIZZ AIR renews maintenance contracts with Lufthansa Technik Group

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Wizz Air signed on Wednesday, renewing its contract with Lufthansa Technik Maintenance (LTMI) and Lufthansa Technik Budapest (LTB) for current maintenance services of Wizz Air fleets from bases in Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. The value of the two agreements, signed over a period of eight years, has not been made public. The documents extending the contract were signed in Budapest by: József Váradi, CEO Wizz Air, Ulrich Hollerbach, CEO LTMI and Dietmar Focke, CEO LTB.


Under these agreements, LTMI and LTB will use the same point of contact for all aspects of current maintenance and prevention services, as well as monitoring fleet performance. LTMI will provide these services in Romania at the bases in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureş, Timişoara and Craiova, but also in Košice in Slovakia, while LTB will execute them in Budapest and Debrecen. LTB will also manage and operate services for the latest maintenance hangar in Budapest. The contract will facilitate up to 100 jobs in the region.

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, said: “Current maintenance services are an essential part of Wizz Air operations and both LTMI and LTB have played an important role in maintaining our high operational quality. They consistently work at a level that rises to high WIZZ standards for reliability and quality, and continues to manage the range of services under development due to our growth, while maintaining the competitive price. This allows us to keep our rates low and attractive for customers in the region. ”

Dietmar Focke, CEO Lufthansa Technik Budapest, said: "We are honored to develop our services in Budapest at the same pace as that of Wizz Air. More than 10 years ago we started working with Wizz Air since it was founded, when they were operating with only two aircraft and we hope to celebrate with Wizz Air the takeover of the 100 aircraft during the contract period just signed. "

Ulrich Hollerbach, CEO of LTMI, said: It is a great honor for LTMI to be selected again by Wizz Air and to support the growth of transport as a strategic partner. The contract is also very important to us in terms of the current market for maintenance services for low-cost companies in general. ”

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