Wizz Air resumed flights from Iasi to several destinations in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Germany

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The year 2020 has been difficult, stressful, uncertain and with many travel restrictions, all due to the pandemic with the new coronavirus. COVID-19 managed to land thousands of planes and lock up millions of people in their homes. Unfortunately, tens of millions of people have gone through the disease, and more than 1.5 million of them have lost the battle.

But the end of the year gives us hope that 2021 will be better, with fewer restrictions and a little more freedom of movement. The good news comes from airlines and even airports.

Iasi airport announced the resumption of flights on several routes in the Wizz Air portfolio. Thus, during the winter holidays, you will be able to travel between Iasi and 13 destinations in Spain, Great Britain, France, Germany.

  • ✈ BARCELONA: Tuesday, Saturday (flights resumed in December)
  • ✈ BERGAMO: Monday, Wednesday
  • ✈ BIRMINGHAM: Sunday (flights resumed in December)
  • ✈ BOLOGNA: Tuesday Thursday
  • ✈ BRUSSELS (Charleroi): Monday (flights resumed in December)
  • ✈ DORTMUND: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • ✈ EINDHOVEN: Monday Friday
  • ✈ LIVERPOOL: Wednesday, Sunday (flights resumed in December)
  • ✈ LONDON (Luton): Daily
  • ✈ PARIS (Beauvais): Thursday, Sunday (flights resumed in December)
  • ✈ ROMA (Ciampino): Monday
  • ✈ TURIN: Thursday
  • ✈ alien (Marco Polo): Tuesday.

Although the authorities recommend that we avoid family parties and reunions, we know how difficult it is for you to stay away from your families. Travel carefully, protect yourself and follow the measures taken by the authorities to have a peaceful holiday.

The routes and flight schedules are established by the airline in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by the authorities of those countries. For more information on routes, flights and air tickets, contact Wizz Air by visiting the website www.wizzair.com.

* AirlinesTravel is not responsible for operational changes, flights or airline tickets.

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