Wizz Air changes cabin baggage policy - large hand luggage will no longer be charged

Wizz Air changes cabin baggage policy - large hand luggage will no longer be charged

From October 29 2017, Wizz Air introduces a new baggage policy. Large hand luggage will no longer be charged.

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Wizz Air today announces that it will no longer charge an additional fee for large hand luggage brought on board its aircraft, on any of the company's flights, starting with 29 October 2017.

New luggage policy at Wizz Air

Wizz Air luggage

Passengers can take with them a large hand luggage with dimensions of 55x40x23cm. This luggage will be included FREE in the ticket price.

The change represents an increase with 50% of luggage volume compared to the previous size freely accepted on board aircraft.


Passengers traveling to and from October 29 who have already paid the large baggage fee, directly through the Wizz Air channels, will receive 120% refund of the price paid in their WIZZ accounts.

In the customer satisfaction questionnaires, more than 80% of passengers gave Wizz Air a very high score in terms of experience on board, openness and professionalism of the employees.

Wizz Air is always responsive to suggestions from passengers, which is why the company believes that the new hand luggage policy will further enhance the travel experience with WIZZ.

Also today, the airline announces the launch of a new passenger service called WIZZ Priority. Valid today on all flights of the company, WIZZ Priority includes:

- Priority on boarding
- Passengers can carry with them a small hand luggage (with maximum dimensions of 40x30x18 cm)
- From October 29 a guarantee that large hand luggage can be taken on board the aircraft (the guarantee is also valid for passengers who have purchased WIZZ Go, WIZZ Plus and WIZZ Privilege Pass).

  1. cm says

    While WIZZ trains?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      🙂 Wizz remains an air operator ... Others will handle trains 😀

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