Wizz Air supports the campaign against unruly passengers

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Wizz Air, one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe, has joined the "Not on my Flight" campaign. It is a new campaign launched by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

It aims to reduce the number of unruly passengers on all European flights and to protect the right of passengers to a peaceful travel experience.

Campaign against unruly passengers

The operation in good conditions of flights in the European Union is disturbed by the passengers who show uncivilized behavior. At least 70% of these incidents involve some form of aggression.

The number of incidents on Wizz Air flights has been constant in recent years due to strict airline rules and well-trained crew. However, in 2018, the aviation industry recorded an increase in unruly behavior by 34% compared to 2017.

Even if the number of undisciplined passengers is very small, given the total number of people traveling by plane, the effect of their actions can have a disproportionate impact on the flight, but also on the passengers.

Wizz Air supports the campaign against unruly passengers

Excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol intoxication, smoking in the toilet, verbal or physical violence against the crew or other passengers, failure to comply with the crew's instructions, all of which create an unnecessary risk for the normal operation of a flight. at significant delays.

Wizz Air has zero tolerance for abusive behavior towards its passengers and 4.500 staff members. Wizz Air crews effectively handle unruly passengers, in line with their recent training. Wizz Air works closely with local authorities on unruly passengers.

András Radó, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: "Every passenger and crew member has the right to a safe flight, without verbal or physical abuse. The journey should be a pleasant experience in which passengers and cabin crew will treat each other with respect.

Last year, 34 millions of people chose Wizz Air's low fares and, with our growing network, we can't let an unrepresented minority spoil the enjoyable flying experience of so many respectable and friendly customers.

That's why we decided to join this great EASA initiative and we also urge our passengers to join our efforts by distributing the hashtag #notonmyflight on their social media profiles. "

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