New routes from Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara - Maastricht Aachen

Wizz Air resumes flights to Pescara and opens new routes from Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara to Maastricht Aachen

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Year 2016 comes with new routes from Wizz Air. In the 2016 summer season, Wizz Air will resume flights on the Bucharest - Pescara route and will open new routes: Bucharest - Maastricht Aachen, Cluj - Maastricht Aachen and Timisoara - Maastricht Aachen. Below is the schedule of flights:


Bucharest - Maastricht Aachen (1 June 2016)

W6 3071 Bucharest (OTP) 06: 25 - 08: 20 Maastricht Aachen (MST) Monday, Sunday
W6 3072 Maastricht Aachen (MST) 08: 50 - 12: 35 Bucharest (OTP) Monday, Sunday

Cluj - Maastricht Aachen (31 to 2016)

W6 3341 Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) 07: 10 - 08: 40 Maastricht Aachen (MST) Tuesday, Saturday
W6 3342 Maastricht Aachen (MST) 09: 10 - 12: 30 Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) Tuesday, Saturday

Timisoara - Maastricht Aachen (31 to 2016)

W6 3525 Timişoara (TSR) → Maastricht Aachen (MST) Tuesday, Saturday
W6 3526 Maastricht Aachen (MST) → Timişoara (TSR) Tuesday, Saturday

Maastricht Aachen Airport is a regional airport in Beek, the Netherlands, located at 9.3km from Maastricht. This is the second largest cargo hub in the Netherlands. Maastricht is a small provincial town, with just over 120 000 inhabitants, but with a rich history.

As mentioned above, Wizz Air will also resume flights on the Bucharest - Pescara route (from 24 Tuesday to 2016), a route opened in the autumn of last year and stopped shortly.

W6 3121 Bucharest (OTP) 11: 35 - 12: 25 Pescara (PSR) Tuesday, Saturday
W6 3122 Pescara (PSR) 13: 00 - 15: 45 Bucharest (OTP) Tuesday, Saturday

(Thank you Cristi for the vigilance)

PS The routes to Maastricht Aachen (MST) will be temporary. Eindhoven Airport will be closed 2 weeks!

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