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Wizz Air has announced the launch of the new service Wizz Discount Club, specially designed for loyal customers traveling in groups or purchasing more than one Wizz Air ticket per year. The membership of the group, available on wizzair.com, guarantees a discount of 10 € at Wizz Air rates above 12,50 EUR for all flight segments, booked at any time during one year membership. Club members and up to 9 family members or friends, traveling at the same time, can now get even greater savings by being loyal and using Wizz Air's low fare services more often.

Launch of Wizz Discount Club comes as a natural development, after Wizz Air announced earlier in the year 2012 that it will launch more services for families, this service being an upgrade of "Exclusive Club”, By which the company evaluated the customers' preferences regarding the discount offers.

Up to 20% of Wizz Air passengers are business travelers who choose additional legroom, reserved seats and flexible travel dates, and by entering Wizz Discount Club the company expects the interest of families to travel cheaply. Wizz Discount Club membership is valid for one year for a fee of 29,99 EUR and its benefits are valid for up to 9 persons on the same reservation. Wizz Air also introduced this week as well early check-in service giving passengers the ability to affect online check-in on wizzair.com up to 2 weeks before the scheduled departure date.

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