Wizz FLEX, Wizz Air service available for 1 EURO until Sunday

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Wizz Air today announced a promotion for the service WIZZ Flex, which can be purchased at a cost of 1 euro ** in case of reservations made between 19-21 June 2020 for flights to be operated between June and August 2020.

By adding the option WIZZ Flex upon booking, passengers can ensure that if there are changes to their plans or they simply wish to travel to another date, they can change the booking with any other WIZZ flight of their choice.

Wizz Aiar hopes that providing this additional protection measure for passenger reservations will bring a sense of security in these uncertain times.

How to purchase the WIZZ Flex service:

  • The service can only be purchased when you create a new booking and cannot be added to existing bookings.
  • The service can be purchased individually or as part of the WIZZ Plus package.
  • As a stand-alone service, WIZZ Flex can be purchased per passenger. In the case of a return flight, the purchase of the WIZZ Flex service applies to both flights (departure and return) and the service charge will be calculated accordingly, depending on the number of passengers and flights.
  • If WIZZ Flex is purchased as part of the WIZZ Plus package, this service will be purchased by all passengers and for all flights in the booking. The service charge will be calculated accordingly, based on the number of passengers and flights.
  • The WIZZ Flex service does not offer the possibility to change the names of passengers.
  • WIZZ Flex cannot be used for group bookings (more than 10 passengers).

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