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With the Wizz Flight Info service you will receive up-to-date information on the status of your flight and will be sent directly to your mobile phone and email address. The WIZZ Flight Info service can be purchased at the purchase of the ticket and costs only 2.6 EUR per flight, regardless of the number of notifications sent to inform customers.

This service will send you a general message on the day of departure with the details of the flight. Another message will be sent a few hours before the flight even though no changes have been made about it. You may also receive more messages if there are any further changes to your flight.

Please note that changes in the flight schedule are reported at intervals of 5 minutes and you will not be informed of delays of 10 minutes or less.

Remember that you need to download the application Wizz Apps on your smartphone, sign in to your account on the Wizz app at least once and accept the option to receive notifications to receive direct flight status messages on your mobile.

An interesting service, so avoid wasting time at airports. Some changes may occur in the short term, but there are still cases

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