Worldwide air traffic in 24 hours (video)

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Civil air traffic is projected to increase annually with 5% and freight traffic with 5.2% over the next two decades. Boeing estimates the market at 4.5 trillions of dollars and 34 000 of new aircraft sold. The world has woven an impressive network of flights that generate social and economic growth. The aviation industry means 57 million jobs, and 35% of world trade is done by air and will grow more and more in the coming period.

To get an idea of ​​what global civil air traffic means, watch the video below!

(via 2.0 Digital Travel Guide)

The material is from 2009, and the network has become more crowded in recent years! In the pictures are only the large, commercial aircraft, without the recreational and military ones. As you can see, the busiest areas are the United States, Europe and part of Asia. Boeing estimates it will sell up to 12000 of new aircraft on the Asia-Pacific, up to 2030! Africa continues to be an emerging and growing area with only 900 new aircraft over the next 20 years. We try our best to come back with a similar material on 2013 and compare 2009 vs. 2013!

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