Another postponement to Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER)

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From Berlin's largest airport, Berlin Brandenburg International (BER) it has become the largest local battlefield. Looks like he'll have another postponement. Initially BER was due to be inaugurated on 3 June 2012, but due to problems with the fire protection system the inauguration was postponed to 17 March 2013.

These days there have been reports confirming that Berlin Brandenburg International (BER) will not open its doors in March 2013, with a new postponement of several months being announced. At present, a new date has not been set, but local tensions have increased.

Following the scandals in the Berlin policy of the first postponement of the opening, for March 2013, a new probable delay with two or three months now amplifies the chaos in which the BER is wrapped. Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) confirmed that the latest deadline for opening, March 2013, is no longer viable.

In such situations the financial losses are huge. To the initial costs of about 2,5 billion euros related to the construction of the BER will be added, according to experts, 15 million euros with each month of delay. The losses will be borne by the three shareholders of the airport, the Land of Berlin (37%), the Land of Brandenburg (37%) and the Federal State (26%).

And airlines have big losses. Over one million passengers of Air Berlin, who have booked flights since 3 June 2012, the date when the airport was due to open, will be affected by changes in timetables and redirections of landings and take-offs at the old Tegel airport . In the case of Lufthansa customers there are over 500.000 persons.

In addition to the financial losses, there are also losses of image and confidence. And these are difficult to calculate and estimate, especially since they can have long-term and very long-term effects.

At the two current airports in Berlin, Tegel and Schönefeld, take off and land on 700 planes every day. Due to the first postponement, which came just days before the opening date, the airline operators were forced to intensify their activity at the existing airports. Tegel is facing the 30% increase in aircraft and passenger traffic.

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