TUI and ITS intend to withdraw from Romania

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Two of the largest tourism groups in the world, TUI and ITS, intends to stop next year to bring more tourists to Romania. The reason is as clear as possible! The agencies are unhappy with the lack of promotion on the German market and the image of Romania abroad, which has deteriorated lately due to the political situation. German tour operators are also unhappy with the lack of predictability in the Romanian economy.

The Secretary of State in the MDRT, Cristian Bărhălescu, was in Berlin to negotiate with TUI and ITS, but also with other agencies. It seems that the grievances are on both sides and everything is in a vicious circle. TUI and ITS brought about 2.000 of German tourists to the coast this summer. From my point of view it is little, but neither the Germans were supported by the MDRT as they were engaged in 2009.

In the year 2009 MDRT signed a contract with TUI for the tour operator to return from 2010 to Romania. From 2006 the German group has refused to bring tourists to Romania and has removed from its catalogs promoting the Romanian resorts, dissatisfied with the accommodation conditions, the high prices charged by the hoteliers, the noise and the lack of cleanliness in the localities.

ITS has been operating on the Romanian market for a number of years, and since 2009, after discussions with the MDRT officials since then, the representatives of the tourism company have been dissatisfied with the quality of services and the prices on the Romanian coast.

The problem is that nobody in Romania has tried to change anything about the above mentioned issues. Advertising the country brand for a lot of money, but without having a well-developed infrastructure, is a waste. From my point of view, tourism is not advertised with millions of euros, not before you have the infrastructure.

Tourism is made from man to man, from their stories carried on. If Romania would provide very good accommodation conditions and quality services, then the tourist would feel very good and tell their friends. In the coming years he would be accompanied.

Returning to the above problem, from an economic point of view Romania will not lose much. But our country will definitely lose its image. When two frontiers in the tourism industry do not want to do business with you it means you are not trustworthy.

Neither YOU nor ITS will have much to lose. Romania does not offer them many advantages and facilities to practice European level tourism. Plus, TUI is not the first cessation of services to Romania.

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