Bucharest - Marseille with RYANAIR, from the winter season 2018

Ryanair today launched, January 17, a new route from Bucharest to Marseille, which will be operated with a frequency of two weekly flights, part of the winter program 2018, which will go on sale next month.

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This is the first novelty of the 2018 Ryanair winter program. Passengers can enjoy even lower fares, but also the latest improvements of the "Always Getting Better" program which include:

Bucharest - Marseille with RYANAIR

- Low rates for checked luggage - a fee of 25 € for a baggage of 20kg
- Connecting flights to Milan, Rome and Porto
- 20 long haul Air Europa routes from Madrid, on sale on Ryanair.com
- A new partnership with Erasmus Network, which offers students discounts and a dedicated booking platform
- Alexa voice recognition for flight search, hotel and flight status check on Ryanair.com
- A new Ryanair Rooms website and a new application

Olga Pawlonka, Ryanair, said: “We are pleased to announce a new route from Bucharest to Marseille, with a frequency of two weekly flights, part of the 2018 winter program. This is the first of the new 2018 winter program routes, as well as Romanian customers, but visitors should still expect even lower rates and new improvements to the "Always Getting Better" program.

We are waiting for the Bucharest - Marseille route to be loaded in order to return to the flight schedule and availability of the plane tickets.

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