Do you still need a test to travel to Romania? The answer is: NO! Romania no longer requires a PCR test! Only those in the yellow area get rid of the quarantine with a negative PCR test!

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Update August 5> Romania has updated the list of epidemiological risk: red, yellow, green!

Starting with May 15, Romania does NOT require the presentation of a negative PCR test upon entering the country. Specifically, on May 14, decision 28 was adopted the classification system of countries has changed.

Romania NO longer requires a negative PCR test when boarding or entering the country

Thus, Romania now has a traffic light: green list, yellow list and red list. A number of rules and a number of exceptions have been established for each list.

🔴 If you travel from the red zone (eg Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, etc.) to Romania, you will stay in quarantine for 14 days, having the possibility to shorten the quarantine if you test on the 8th day. The PCR test does not help you avoid quarantine. However, if you are vaccinated, you can be exempted from quarantine.

🟡 If you are traveling from the yellow zone (eg Turkey, etc.) to Romania, you must present to the carrier the proof of performing a PCR test, with a negative result, performed at most 72 hours before boarding, to avoid quarantine. If you are vaccinated, the test and quarantine are no longer required.

🟢 You can travel from the green area (eg Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Sweden, etc.) to Romania without restrictions and without tests, so you do not need to present any documents (other than travel) before boarding.

Decision 28, which was approved on May 14, 2021 and applicable from May 15, 2021

All vaccinated passengers (10 days after booster or single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine and those who have gone through the disease in the last 180 days (a positive PCR test performed between 14 and 180 days after entering Romania is presented) will not be quarantined and will not present any test

Children under the age of 6 or older do not need to be tested for PCR if they return from a yellow or red area. Children under the age of 6: Free entry regardless of the country they come from. Children between 6 and 16 years old are exempted from quarantine based on a negative PCR test done a maximum of 72 hours before entering Romania

We recommend that you constantly check the travel arrangements and conditions in each destination country. Do not apply uniformly and make a difference in direction. One is when you fly to Romania and another is when you fly from Romania to any European country or on another continent.

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