You will only be able to open the hotel room door with your phone.

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Yes, you read that right. There are hotels where you can open the door of the room only by phone. It is a solution implemented by Accor. The digital key "Accor Key" will allow the tourist access to the hotel room, elevator, conference rooms. Access is provided at the reception by installing the dedicated application, and the digital key is deactivated after the tourist leaves the hotel.

Accor announces the global launch of its digital key solution, “Accor Key”, in line with the Group's strategy to provide guests with a contactless experience in its hotels. This extraordinary step by Accor confirms the ambition to innovate and invest in high quality technological solutions, in order to provide its guests with the best and most comfortable experience.

Digital key - Accor Key

The main goal of the launch is to provide customers with a keyless entry solution, while ensuring that hotels do not lose the human touch that guests need. Upon arrival at the destination, customers will receive their room key, by downloading the Accor digital key application. Guests will then have access to rooms, meeting rooms and upstairs with lifts, using their smartphone. After leaving the hotel, the digital key will be deactivated automatically.

Following successful pilot programs in North America, Europe and Asia, implementation will begin in all Accor hotels that will open in 2021 and expand to existing properties, with the goal of 500 hotels benefiting from Accor Key in this year and at least 50% of the chambers of the entire network to implement it in the next five years.

By giving customers access to rooms without a physical key, Accor will also help reduce the amount of plastic and cardboard used for traditional access cards and their support. The Accor Key program will be implemented in partnership with STAYmyway.

Accor is a hotel group, world leader in augmented hospitality, offering unique and meaningful experiences in 5.000 hotels, resorts and residences in 110 countries.

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