YR-ABA Airbus A319 Carpatair, painted and ready for flight

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Carpatair, a regional airline registered in Romania, is taking important steps towards modernizing its fleet. Carpatair owns a fleet of two Fokker 100 aircraft (YR-FZA and YR-FZB) and, with the newest member arriving, an Airbus A319 (YR-ABA). The new aircraft was painted in the Carpatair color scheme and operated the first test flights between Arad and Satu Mare.

The Airbus A319-100 is about 15 years old and is configured to carry up to 156 passengers. Since February 22, 2007, the aircraft has flown under the colors easyJet. Propulsion is provided by two CFM56-5B5 / 3 engines.

Carpatair currently offers charter, ACMI and dry / wet lease services. He gave up frequent flights after a period in which Carpatair went from agony to ecstasy and vice versa. We will return in detail if anything changes in Carpatair's strategy.

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