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After 10 years of AirlinesTravel.ro and a vast experience in tourism, we have defined some habits when it comes to travel and how to buy vacations. We tend to get our plane tickets directly from the airlines when we have direct flights from the point of departure to the point of destination, as well as in the case of stopovers. But we turn to agencies when the situation is more delicate.

When it comes to stays and tours, we recommend travel agencies, tour operators and retailers. And related to plane tickets, we turn to online agencies when the itinerary includes several flights and even stopover connections. In addition to that, the experience of the last years led us to turn to these agencies because we felt the need for round-the-clock support and permanent support to be covered in case of unpleasant surprises with flights. Let's not forget the thousands of canceled or delayed flights in 2022 and the tens of thousands of affected passengers who were stuck at airports, situations that could have been resolved more quickly if those passengers had turned to specialized agencies.

zbor24.ro, an agency that focuses on non-stop passenger support

The tourism industry in Romania is in a continuous transformation and adaptation to the current travel conditions. In addition to the classic tour-operating and retail travel agencies, the Romanian market is conducive to the development of online agencies, and one of them is zbor24.ro, an agency that focuses on non-stop passenger support.

The zbor24.ro agency is a Romanian extension of the zbor.md agency from Chisinau, the largest online airline ticket agency in Moldova. They have several strengths, but the main one lies in their 24/XNUMX passenger support department. Customer support service is available 24/7 online and by phone, which provides added security and confidence when scheduling and booking your next trips. In case of problems with flights, they will definitely help you solve them and find alternative situations.


When you buy a plane ticket through zbor24.ro, the package also comes with all the other beneficial services for you, from technical support to the bonus system.

But another strength of the zbor24.ro platform lies in the flight search engine. From the thousands of options, the platform selects the tickets with the best fare, as well as the best conditions in relation to your request. Combine flights, regardless of whether we are talking about low-cost or full-service flights, with the aim of reaching your destination in a relatively short time, reasonable in price and with the requested services. If you have connecting flights, the system takes into account that the layover time is relatively ok to have time to go through all the procedures from landing until the next flight takes off.

At this moment we have identified the following strengths of the zbor24.ro platform:

  • Customer service available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Whatever problem you have with the flight, regardless of the time, you will surely find someone available at zbor24.ro to help you. There are many ways to contact them: Phone: + 40 31 78 11 110. Whatsapp – same number. E-mail: [email protected]. On social media: Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/zbor24/, on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/zbor24.ro/, on Telegram or live chat on the website.
  • Bonus system: 1% cashback on every transaction! You accumulate points and can later use them to pay for future airline tickets. With the registration on www.zbor24.ro, you will receive a welcome bonus of 25 euros - GIFT, directly in your account.
  • Search engine flexibility and the variety of flight combinations.
  • Online check-in – Have you bought your plane ticket and can't manage the check-in? A zbor24.ro specialist helps you. You just need to sign up and request this service. Applies only to tickets taken through this platform.

That said, travel responsibly and safely. Take all your safety precautions! Call the specialized travel agencies!

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