QF7879 flight operated by Qantas, on the London - Sydney route, in figures

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After the latest performances, I admire Qantas more and more. The Australian air carrier is working on another level of ambition and performance. He operated 2 very long test flights, which are part of the Sunrise project. We're talking about flights here New York - Sydney and London - Sydney.


There were 2 very long flights, which lasted over 19 hours. They had a limited number of passengers on board. The flights were operated by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, a plane that is not designed to operate such flights on a regular basis. But Qantas trusted this model and pushed it beyond the specification.

Information about the flight London - Sydney

But in this article I will focus on QF7879 flight London - Sydney and present some interesting information.

  • The distance from London to Sydney is 17.800 kilometers (11.000 miles).
  • The flight time was 19 hours and 19 minutes, a time conditioned by air currents. The journey time from London to Sydney via Singapore is around 22 hours and 35 minutes.
  • The flight was operated by the Boeing 787-9, special livery "Qantas Centenary", VH-ZNJ registration, called "Longreach".
  • 4 pilots piloted by rotation. In the cockpit were 2 additional pilots, who took the plane from the United States to London.
  • The aircraft departed from Heathrow-London International Airport and flew over 11 countries: England, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, the Philippines and Indonesia, crossed the Australian coast near Darwin and landed on Sydney. .
  • The aircraft took off with 126 000 liters of fuel. At landing, Boeing 787-9 aircraft had 7500 liters of kerosene, the equivalent of 100 minutes of flight.
  • The maximum take-off weight for a 787-9 is 254 kg. The Boeing 000-787, which took off on the direct flight London - Sydney, weighed 9 kg.
  • It flew on average with 930 of miles per hour. The cruise altitude started at 35000ft and, with the fall in fuel burns, the plane climbed to 40000ft.

Next is the 3rd test flight, which will also be on the route New York - Sydney. I'm curious what it will bring in addition to the previous flight. I will come back with details!

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