Air Canada Rouge and 2020 flights to Bucharest (flight schedule)

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Air Canada Rouge will return to Bucharest in 2020. It will operate, for the 3rd consecutive season, direct flights on the route Toronto - Bucharest and Montreal - Bucharest.


In 2020, direct flights between Romania and Canada will start on June 5, on the route Montreal - Bucharest. From June 6, 2020, the direct flights on the route Toronto - Bucharest will start.

Romania - Canada flight schedule in the 2020 season

Due to the timetable, it was modified from the 2019 summer season. Initially, 2 flights will be operated weekly, followed by the introduction of 22 on each route from June 3. Below are the flight schedules of the 2 routes.

Montreal - Bucharest in the summer season 2020

AC1928 Montreal 16: 50 - 08: 45 + 1 Bucharest Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
AC1929 Bucharest 11: 35 - 14: 15 Montreal Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Toronto - Bucharest in the summer season 2020

AC1964 Toronto 16: 55 - 09: 15 + 1 Bucharest Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
AC1965 Bucharest 11: 35 - 15: 00 Toronto Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

The flights will be operated by Boeing 767-300ER aircraft. Passengers can opt for 2 classes, Economy and Premium Rouge. Economy class design provides comfort for the passengers and more legroom.

Also, Economy class includes on board airfare, refreshments and hold baggage of up to 23 kilograms.

The Premium Rouge class offers relaxation space for passengers, wider seating and more legroom. Premium Rouge passengers have the opportunity to carry two hold baggage, each with a maximum capacity of 23 kilograms, respectively and have priority at check in and boarding. On board the aircraft, the passengers of the Premium Rouge class have a gourmet menu, the food being served in porcelain dishes.

Multimedia and Wi-Fi in-flight services

Prior to boarding, passengers must download the Air Canada app, available on the App Store and Google Play, in order to enjoy a selection of newly released movies, serials, music, children's shows and more. These can be viewed on your laptop or any Apple or Android device.

Upon request and for a fee (a small fee), passengers can borrow an iPad. They are available for free in Premium Rouge cabins. The novelty of the flights operated in 2020 is the introduction of the high-speed satellite internet, which allows the user to post live video, surf the Internet and shop during the flight.

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    Are you sure about the published schedule? On, for example, there is no direct flight from Bucharest to Toronto on Sunday, 28 June.

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