Flights canceled from / to Romania - June 2022

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I kept writing and announced that an uncertain period was coming regarding the status of the flights. Inevitably, there will be many canceled or delayed flights, including to / from Romania. It's not natural, but these are the fruits of the aviation pandemic. I have explained in many other articles why it got here, so we will not repeat. Will be chaos in airports. As passengers, we don't solve anything if we get hysterical.

I know, it's unpleasant to miss a flight or get stuck in an airport, I've experienced situations like this, but what else can we do? In such situations, we keep calm, we demand our rights and we are waiting to fly. I stayed on an Air France plane for two hours before taking off, good thing I flew. What was I supposed to do? Shall I quarrel with the world? NOT! I was about to lose a connection because of the airport congestion. What was I supposed to do? Fighting with the others in front of me in line? NOT!

And don't insist on finding out the reasons. Stop arguing with company and airport representatives because they are just plain employees. You don't solve anything like that anyway. You ask for your rights directly to the company or through specialized companies and that's it.

We also have such situations from / to Romania, and below we have summarized the status of the canceled flights:

Flights canceled on June 30, 2022

  • W63172 Madrid - Bucharest
  • W63171 Bucharest - Madrid
  • EW9792 Dusseldorf - Bucharest
  • EW9793 Bucharest - Dusseldorf
  • RO638 Satu Mare - Bucharest
  • RO637 Bucharest - Satu Mare
  • RO298 Sofia - Bucharest
  • RO297 Bucharest - Sofia
  • FR3956 Rome - Bucharest
  • FR3957 Bucharest - Rome
  • W63051 Bucharest - Paris

Flights canceled on June 26, 2022

  • W63260 Malta - Bucharest
  • OS785 Vienna - Bucharest
  • OS786 Bucharest - Vienna
  • LH1652 Munich - Bucharest
  • LH1653 Bucharest - Munich
  • W63361 Cluj - Dortmund
  • W63362 Dortmund - Cluj
  • W63303 Cluj - London Luton
  • W63304 London Luton - Cluj
  • W63312 Liverpool - Cluj
  • W63401 Cluj - Madrid
  • W63402 Madrid - Cluj
  • W63195 Bucharest - Seville
  • W63196 Seville - Bucharest

The Catania - Cluj flight, which was supposed to operate on June 26, is rescheduled for June 27, 2022. These are the flights that are canceled in the monitoring systems, today, June 26. If you know of any other flights canceled for today that we did not mention, please leave them in the comments.

The flights Bucharest - Prague, Bucharest - London and Bucharest - Eindhoben are delayed by at least 15 minutes. Flights Catania - Cluj and Paris - Cluj are listed late.

You need to know that air passengers have rights and, in the case of flights delayed by more than three hours or canceled, may be received compensation of up to 600 euros, in addition to the other normal facilities for such situations.

  1. Johnny says

    All BlueAir flights related to Cluj Napoca Burgas
    and return were canceled throughout the summer season.

  2. Johnny says

    Burgas -Cluj from 06.07.2022 BlueAir canceled

    1. Sorin says

      All flights from Burgas were canceled

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