Blue Air repatriation flights to / from Amsterdam, Netherlands

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At your request, Blue Air will operate a repatriation flight to / from Amsterdam, Netherlands. It will be operated on May 28, according to schedule:

Blue Air repatriation flight to Amsterdam

Bucharest Otopeni - Amsterdam: 18:00 - 19:50, local time
Amsterdam - Bucharest Otopeni: 20.35 - 00.35, local time

The flights are operated under special conditions, in the incidence of GD 394/18 May 2020, annex 3, art. 4. and for these reasons, passengers to be accepted on board aircraft must fall into the following categories:

Blue Air repatriation flight to Amsterdam

1. from Amsterdam to Romania will be accepted only Romanian citizens who want repatriation according to art. 4, para. J.

2. From Romania to Amsterdam the following conditions are required:
- travel for the purpose of repatriation only if they are EU citizens and nationals of Schengen Associated States or members of their families, domiciled in the Netherlands or nationals of other States, with long-term residence in the Netherlands
- health professionals, health researchers
- frontier workers.
- transport personnel, including flight crews who ensure the availability of essential goods and services
- diplomats, personnel of international organizations, military, humanitarian aid in the exercise of functions
- passengers in transit.
- persons in need of international protection or traveling on humanitarian grounds.

Tickets can be purchased on the Blue Air website, in the Flights on Demand section. - >>

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