(P) Charter flights and non-refundable offers to Croatia, Turkey, Greece

Bucharest - SPLIT, Croatia (255 EURO / person); Bucharest - Antalya (195 EURO / person); Bucharest - Crete (205 EURO / person) and many more.

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Before going on to the offers, let's talk a little about charter flights. The charter airline is defined as the flight made on the basis of a contractual arrangement between the air carrier and an entity that leases an aircraft.

In general, charter flights are organized by tour operators as part of a tour package that may include accommodation, meals and other services. On charter flights, the services on board (catering, luggage hold, etc.) are established by the person renting the aircraft.

But there are situations when charter can be organized by other entities. Charter flights can also be organized for freight or mail.

Offers not to be rejected on charter flights

There are situations when the tour operator fails to sell all the scheduled tour packages, and the remaining places left on charter flights are put up for sale. Thus, you can travel to special destinations, which are normally harder to reach by regular flights.

Parallel 45 Luxury sell airline tickets on charter flights from Paralela 45 portfolio, and prices are good. You can buy air tickets on routes: Bucharest - SPLIT, Croatia (255 EURO / person); Bucharest - Antalya, Turkey (195 EURO / person); Bucharest - Crete, Greece (205 EURO / person); Bucharest - Santorini, Greece (250 EURO / person); Bucharest - Bodrum, Turkey (235 EURO / person); Bucharest - Mykonos, Greece (250 EURO / person); Bucharest - Palma de Mallorca (340 EURO / person) and more.

The offer is valid until 14 April 2017. Places limited to these rates! You must know that the return is at 7 days.

That said, we wish you a nice trip. Take a look at others offers Parallel 45 Luxury!

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