Flights to "Nowhere" offered by Taiwan. The experience of a false journey. (Video)

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Taipei Airport offers a fake travel experience for those who are eager to travel.

Many people feel the need to travel, but cannot leave the country due to travel restrictions imposed by the Taiwanese authorities. That's how the idea of ​​a "fake" travel experience came about. Tourists simulate the experience of a trip to Songshan International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan.

This involves following all the steps for the trip: checking in, going through document and security checks and even boarding the aircraft. It's just that the plane doesn't take off.

Flights to "Nowhere" offered by Taiwan

Around 7000 people showed interest in the experience of a fake trip. The first round of this kind was attended by 60 people. Airport authorities in Taipei, Taiwan, have said they will hold more such events.

Passengers received a package when boarding an Airbus A330 China Airlines aircraft. The flight attendants received them properly and communicated with the passengers. Then came the landing and everyone was happy.

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