TAROM repatriation flights Bucharest - Beirut - Bucharest, on May 30, 2020

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At your request, TAROM has introduced a repatriation flight to / from Beirut, Lebanon. It will take place on 30 May 2020, according to the schedule:

RO7293 Bucharest 16:00 - 18:35 Beirut 20:35 - 23:15 Bucharest

Important notes for special regime external races:
• Each ticket includes a 10 kg hand luggage and a 23 kg hold baggage.
• The external flights, mentioned in the program, are operated under special conditions, under the incidence of GD 394/18 May 2020, annex 3, art. 4. and for these reasons, passengers who will be accepted on board aircraft must fall into the following categories:
o From Europe to Romania will be accepted only Romanian citizens who want repatriation according to art. 4, para. J.
o From Romania to Europe the following conditions are required:
- be nationals of the country of destination, or
- to be seasonal workers with employment contract according to art. 4, para. I or
- be workers in the transport sector, as set out in Annex 3, to the Communication on the implementation of green lanes, under the guidelines on border management measures, in order to protect the health and ensure the availability of essential goods and services - C (2020 1897 / 23.03.2020).
• Before making the flight, please observe the special travel conditions, which you can find here: https://www.tarom.ro/masuri-de-calatorie.

Tickets can be purchased on our website, www.tarom.ro, through the mobile application, Call Center TAROM (+4) 021.9361, (+4), (+4) 021.303.44.00, (+4) 021.303.44.44, email: [email protected], or any TAROM agency in Bucharest!

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