Delayed Wizz Air flights to Sibiu

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During this day, the officials of Sibiu International Airport notified us of delayed Wizz Air flights. There are delays caused by the cascade, which appeared from the first flight to Dortmund.

Wizz Air flights

Wizz AIr aircraft, which flies to Nurnberg (W6376), took off at 15: 59, after a delay of over 3 hours. The starting time was 12: 50!

The operation of the flights from Sibiu is done with a single aircraft, and the delay on the first flight to Dortmund will be perpetuated on the following scheduled flights, until the end of this day's cycle.

For this reason, the announced delay will also be found on the return flight from Nurnberg W63768 (initially scheduled for 17: 15, but arriving after 19: 30) and on W63771 flight to London (initially scheduled at 18: 00, but departing after arrival from Nurnberg and boarding passengers, respectively servicing the aircraft), implicitly on W63772 flight, returning from London (initially scheduled at 00: 45).

Due to the current weather conditions, aircraft require take-off defrosting, which can lead to delay / flight of 30 minutes, occasionally even 60 minutes. Passenger safety comes first. We advise you to be patient and to be constantly informed about flights!

Quiet flights!

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