Air Moldova flights between June 02 and 16, 2020

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From June 02 to 16, 2020, Air Moldova will operate authorized charter flights. Regular / frequent flights will wait a while longer.

Air Moldova flights June 2-16

Moscow - Chisinau June 02, 2020
Departure from DME 14:00, arrival 15:50 local time

Chisinau - Dublin - Chisinau June 06, 2020
Departure from KIV 11:00, arrival 12:40 local time
Departure from DUB 13:40, arrival 19:00 local time

Chisinau - London - Chisinau June 07, 2020
Departure from KIV 12:50, arrival 14:00 local time
Departure from STN 15:00, arrival 20:00 local time

Tel Aviv - Chisinau June 16, 2020
Departure from TLV 10:50, arrival 13:35 local time

Tickets for these races can be purchased online on the site

In order to prevent the risks of spreading the virus, additional protection measures are taken on all flights operated by the company. All passengers on flights operated by Air Moldova during this period are required to wear mandatory disposable masks and gloves.

For flights to the Republic of Moldova:
Only passengers of the Republic of Moldova, family members of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova will be accepted for the flights to Chisinau; persons holding a long-stay visa, a residence permit or a document equivalent to a residence permit issued by the authorities; persons traveling in a professional interest proven by visa, residence permit or other equivalent document; members of diplomatic missions and consular offices accredited in the Republic of Moldova, of international organizations / missions, as well as members of their families or personnel who can provide humanitarian aid;

For flights from the Republic of Moldova:
Only citizens, holders of residence visas and residence permits of the country to which they intend to travel will be accepted for these flights.

Please check with the authorities of the state where you intend to travel or transit about any travel or entry restrictions currently imposed.

In case of non-compliance with the conditions of entry or the current restrictions imposed by the country of destination, the airline reserves the right not to accept the passenger in flight.

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