Flights between Romania and Spain will NOT be suspended.

6 7.824

The National Committee for Emergency Situations adopted in today's meeting, August 17, Decision number 42. It has been approved updated list of states with high epidemiological risk, for which the quarantine measure applies in the case of citizens arriving in Romania from these states.

Also, the quarantine measure was instituted for people arriving in Romania from 6 regions of the Kingdom of Spain (Aragon, Catalonia, Navarra, Comunidad de Madrid, Balearic Islands, Basque Country), without suspending flights to and from Romania

Romania - Spain flights will not be suspended


So don't panic. Flights between Romania and Spain will not be suspended.

  1. Mariana Antonela Plesea says

    Those who do not place in these communities, but we take a flight from Madrid, will put us in quarantine?

  2. Mariana Antonela Plesea says


  3. Ancuta ionela says

    Hello! I would like you to answer certain personal questions correctly.
    We have the flight on August 27 from Madrid-Bucharest. We are not from Madrid, we are just passing through. When we arrive in Bucharest, do you keep us in quarantine? Thanks!

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