Flights to red zone countries could be suspended after May 15. See the proposals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs!

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Ministry of Interior posted in decisional transparency proposal for a set of measures for the prevention and control of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, measures applicable after the lifting of the state of emergency, from 15 May 2020. As the President also informed us Klaus Iohannis, after May 15, there will be no state of emergency in Romania, but will be alert. And the new state will come with new measures.

Among the proposed measures we have one related to flights. It is desired maintaining the flight suspension measure performed by air economic operators to and from countries in the red zone of epidemiological risk for a specified period, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable international rules.

Currently, there is a list of countries in the red zone, which was validated on April 2 by the National Institute of Public Health in Romania and entered into force on April 3. On this list we have the countries: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, USA and Turkey.


All we can hope for is that the list of countries in the red zone be changed and some countries removed. WE REPEAT, the measure regarding the suspension of flights is at the level of the proposal. We are also waiting for the final form of the new measures.

Also from the document presented by the Ministry of Interior, we find out that flights performed with state aircraft, cargo and correspondence, humanitarian or emergency medical services will be allowed. Non-commercial technical landings will be allowed, as well as flights performed by all air carriers by charter flights, with the opinion of the competent authorities of the country of destination.

The full document presented by the Ministry of Interior

Measure covid-of-15.05

We - AirlinesTravel, as an online travel and aviation publication, present and publish information received on official channels, even if they are in public debate or in final form.

We present routes and flights as announced by the airlines, but we RECOMMEND that you be patient and cautious. Before you buy your plane tickets, find out in advance about the rules of travel and the conditions of entry into the country of destination.

And we, like you, can't wait for the flights to resume and the relaunch of the travel and aviation industries. But the authorities will always have the last word and operational changes can occur at any time, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Sorin says

    Well, are they thinking about people who are stuck and don't come home? They do not care. Nesimtitiiiii !!!

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