"FREE HOLIDAY DAYS" - great offers on the seaside

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National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT), Federation of Employers of Romanian Tourism (FPTR) and Coastal Promotion-Danube Delta Association (ALDD) announces great holiday offers for tourists, on the Romanian coast, during the period 18-31 August, within the program FREE DAYS OF HOLIDAY 2014.

The program combines offers such as "pay five nights and stay six" or "pay six nights and stay seven", to support tourists who want to spend a holiday on the beach at advantageous prices.

Packages start from 518 lei / person, with breakfast, for six nights of accommodation and one free, at a two-star hotel in Venus resort, from 822 of lei / person, with breakfast, for five nights of accommodation and one free, at a three-star hotel in Eforie Nord and from 975 of lei / person, with breakfast, for six nights of accommodation and one free, at a four-star hotel in Mamaia resort.

The packages included in the FREE DAYS OF THE HOLIDAY program can be found in the offers of most ANAT member travel agencies.

"Special offers for the Romanian coast, which include free nights of accommodation are highly sought after by tourists. In the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2013, the demand for offers from the program FREE HOLIDAY DAYS had an increase of 100%, so we remind tourists that for the period August 18-31 I find, again, at the agencies ANAT member tourism offers from this program ", declares Lucia Nora Morariu, president of the National Association of Travel Agencies.

Over 70 hotels have entered the program. Their list can be consulted on the FPTR website.

"The special holiday offers, including those from the FREE HOLIDAY DAYS program, are part of the strategy to promote the Romanian coast, within the excellent partnership that exists between tourism employers who, without much help from the state, strive to keep tourists in Romania ", says Dragoş Răducan, vice-president of the Federation of Romanian Tourism Employers.

Launched in 2008, FREE HOLIDAYS is one of the most sought after special offers.

"We continue to invite tourists to choose the Romanian coast, through special rates and programs as attractive as possible, as well as through a long and rich series of events in all resorts. We are 100% occupied at the moment on the coast and we continue to offer the most beautiful festivals, parades, carnivals, sporting, fashion and musical events. We communicate excellently with hoteliers, travel agencies, public catering and leisure operators, respectively the local authorities on the coast, thus managing to offer, through ANAT travel agencies, free holidays ", says Corina Martin, president of the Coastal Promotion Association - The Danube Delta.

You can find more offers for the Romanian coast Vacant Paradise of Vis.

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