Zombies dancing aboard a domestic Wizz Air flight from Italy

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Have you ever imagined that zombies will appear on a plane? The unimaginable happened on the Milan-Catania and Catania-Milan flights, on the evening of October 31st. Zombies danced aboard the airline on Halloween night.

"It was an incredible experience, we didn't expect anything like this, it was really scary!" "I have never seen such a show, I am still amazed, a unique show!" "I know Wizz Air is a bold company, but I didn't expect something so crazy, they're fantastic!"

These are just some of the comments from the passengers, who also shared this experience on social media.

Curiosity mixed with amazement crept in among the more and more delighted passengers as the frightening music began and the dancers disguised in realistic masks rose and began to dance in the aisle of the aircraft.

Because no one noticed zombies boarding, the passengers who recorded the show with their mobile phones were fascinated, and the children were excited by the really scary figurines dancing right in front of them. Many passengers made sure to take a selfie with zombies.

Wizz Air encourages all passengers who have taken part in this once-in-a-lifetime experience to share videos and photos on their social channels using the hashtag #wizzhalloween. At the end of the show, zombies handed out sweets to the passengers, according to the Halloween tradition, and bringing more smiles on the faces of the children on board.

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