Activities to do at the airport while you wait for the next flight

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I love flying, I like airplanes, I love aviation. It's my passion and I enjoy it as I know best. So far, we have collected over 350 flights in our portfolio, we have lost track of them. Most of them are made from Romania to different destinations in Europe. I got used to all the procedures I have to follow from the moment I enter the airport to the door of the plane. Although I have a lot of miles to fly, I still have emotions with each new flight. I look forward to being fixed in the seats when the engines are running at full speed on the runway and running on the runway begins, I wait for the detachment from the ground and I let myself be carried in flight.

All air travel starts and ends at the airport. I like the hustle and bustle of the airport and its surroundings. I admire with respect and maximum attention any movement on the platform. I analyze every plane seen and try to identify it as a model, brand and airline. I play trivia alone with aviation questions.

I admit that sometimes I like to go to Henri Coadă Airport and enjoy a coffee while looking out the window and admiring the movements of the aircraft. I am aware that many of you do not share these habits, maybe waiting at the airport is not very comfortable either. For you, we have compiled below some ideas about the activities you can do while waiting for the flight.

If you have the opportunity to reach large airports such as Schiphol in Amsterdam, Heathrow in London or Charles de Gaulle in Paris, we recommend that you embark on a reconnaissance and exploration activity as far as your area allows. Depending on the destination of the next flight, you may not be able to travel around the airport, as some additional checks are required, but you will certainly discover interesting places.

For example, at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport there is a green, park-like area where you can relax, unwind or read your favorite book while having a coffee. Personally, if it's a few minutes of relaxation, I prefer to take out my phone and access applications with different games of chance, and book of ra is my favorite slot.

If you are passionate about airplanes, look for the best places in the airport from where you can admire the movements of aircraft. Some airports have special areas for photographers.

Once you set out to visit the airport, you will surely find various shops with interesting and attractive products, from different culinary products to the most elegant clothing and footwear brands. I usually take 2-3 bottles of alcohol (whiskey, gin, wine), often at the airport being cheaper.

Depending on the waiting time, you can even work at the airport. There are specially designed areas where you can install with your laptop and thus do your job quietly. There are power outlets and internet.

If you have to wait several hours in a stopover, look for special places to sleep. Usually, such areas are in large airports, where the stopover can be overnight. At Schiphol International Airport there is a hotel right at the airport, named after Mercure Hotel.

If you are passionate about movies, such moments are definitely ideal to be able to watch your favorite series or the long-awaited movie. It must not be missing Music.

It may scare you to think that you have to wait several hours at an airport, but try to find pleasant concerns and so time will pass faster. There are so many activities that can be undertaken that we think you will not get bored. Well, the airport also matters, some being bidders in activities, others being limited and restricted. I wish you a pleasant journey and turbulence-free flights!

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