Hand luggage (cabin luggage): tips, tips and recommendations

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Because we are passionate about airplanes and flights, we have also assumed the role of providing information, as far as we know and have documented ourselves, on different topics. Today we will talk about hand luggage. We are getting more and more questions about hand luggage and what it should contain, how it should be, what can be taken in the luggage and what not, etc. It is also called "cabin luggage" because it can be taken in plane.

Hand luggage (cabin luggage)

Considering that this luggage flies with us, in the cockpit, it is subject to some rules. From our point of view, there are normal rules, common sense and that must be followed without exception. We should be aware that the airplane operates according to strict rules. It would be better not to behave like a train or bus, although in these means of transport we should also show respect for others and for goods.

Hand luggage - dimensions

Good! Let's get back to hand luggage. To begin with, let's focus on the dimensions of the luggage. We recommend you take one trolley on the dimensions recommended by the airline (airlines) you fly with. We made a list of free luggage accepted by low-cost airlines. Most accept luggage with dimensions 55x40x20cm and with the maximum weight of 10Kg.

A standardized trolley or bag gives you better mobility. Discard the raffia bag or all kinds of bags and bags.


Currently, the Airlinestravel.ro team has 2 cabin luggage in the dimensions 55x40x20cm. If we fly with Wizz Air, we will probably invest in small luggage or pay the appropriate luggage fee. It depends a lot on the purpose of the flight.

Transport of liquids in hand luggage

Summarizing the questions received in the newsroom, we notice that most are related to the transport of liquids, aerosols and gels in hand luggage. From 31 January 2014, applies the new transport rules applicable to liquids, aerosols and gels carried in hand luggage.

You can carry liquids in 100 ml (or smaller) containers placed in a single, sealed, clear plastic bag. In short, they do not exceed 1 liter. This rule is best applied to cosmetics.


Keep in mind that hand luggage will go through the checkpoint. When presenting it, remove the bag with the containers in your hand luggage and place them separately. Security operators may open containers for control and in exceptional cases may prohibit their transport on board. Let's hope it won't be the case in your travels!

Products purchased from duty-free must be placed in a bag provided with sealed security features. The receipt must remain inside the sealed bag, along with the products purchased.

In your luggage you can also carry medicines or products for special diets, baby food, necessary for travel. It is good to pack them properly.


We bought several containers with capacities up to 100ml, resealable bags and special cosmetics for travelers. Such products are hard to find in supermarkets or cosmetics stores.

travelkit cosmetice
travelkit cosmetics

For our comfort in flight, we also bought inflatable travel pillows. I have tested them and they are very good for a quiet sleep.

Packing of hand luggage

When leaving for a city break / business trip, it is very important to analyze the weather at your destination. Thus we can make a list of things needed for a comfortable trip. On short trips, we avoid taking hold luggage. Thus it all comes down to a hand luggage. We make financial savings, but it is even easier for us to travel.

We will not tell you what clothes to take in your luggage, but we can recommend you to watch the video below for the best packaging.

From our cabin luggage, there is no missing the techtravel kit, which includes: smartphone, laptop, external battery, headphones and an external hard drive, plus accessories.

I wrote about the transport of liquids, about the dimensions and the trolley, I also offered a tip on the packaging. What's left? To give! About the transport of solid foods.

Not everyone travels on vacation. We know that there are also passengers flying to a job. Or there are people who go to relatives. If you want to take a piece of bacon in the cabin luggage, it would be good to pack it properly. A piece of Romanian bacon, a caltaboş, sausages… is accepted. We even had a request in this direction, and the security people told us that it was ok, but not in large quantities. If you have frozen products to transport, pack them well, do not spill.

CAREFUL! In addition to the dimensions, you must also consider the weight. Most air carriers accept luggage weighing up to 10 Kg.

I hope I didn't miss something! If you have suggestions, recommendations or if you have difficulty with hand luggage, we invite you to tell us in a comment to this article!

  1. Alina says


    can you tell me, please, where did you buy the resealable bags for liquids?

    Thank you

  2. Aura says

    I travel with Jet Air and I want to know if I can carry in my hand luggage, 2 christening candles and a small vase of gift flowers ?!

    1. Andreea says

      Hello, I have the same problem !? I can carry a baptismal candle in my hand luggage, I mention that the ticket is at Wizz Air.

  3. Nicoleta says

    Buba day… do you know if at Raynair I can carry in my cabin luggage (55/40/20) a christening candle (40 cm with a diameter of 7 cm) in the UK. Thank you

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