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Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates by population. It is located on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf and is the seat of the emirate of Dubai. Fueled by the oil and gas industry, the city's economic development is rapid, requiring foreign labor. Dubai is an eccentric, luxury city, recognized all over the world for numerous records, one of them referring to the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa.

Air taxi, in Dubai, until 2026!

Flying cars or air taxis are no longer a science fiction subject, but a very real one. We are still a few years away from being able to travel by air to the great metropolises of the world. Aircraft manufacturer...

Untold arrives in Dubai, from 2024!

UNTOLD, one of the most famous and appreciated festivals in the world, will arrive in 2024 in Dubai as well. UNTOLD Dubai will be the first festival of its kind in the Middle East. To officially launch the Dubai Festival, UNTOLD a...